Humanitarian Tracker

Humanitarian Tracker is a forum that connects and empowers citizens around the world by giving them a voice to tell their story. It offers tools, methods, and training by which citizen journalists can share reports of what they witness on the ground worldwide about human rights violations, disease spread, rape, conflicts or disasters. We also tap into a wide network of professionals, media and policy makers to help share information and tackle the issue from all sides. When citizen reports are submitted, Humanitarian Tracker ensures accuracy of the reports by verifying them against either official sources or other citizen reports. By sharing text, photo or video reports from the ground, crowds can form a live map. Humanitarian Tracker also offers data mining tools that scan sources on the web, including: official news reports, social media (Twitter and Facebook) and blogs.​ Humanitarian Tracker offers tools for crowdsourcing intelligence that tackles the two biggest concerns of citizen journalism, especially in a war zone: protecting the identities of its reporters and ensuring the accuracy of its reports. There are several ways that allow secure and anonymous submission of reports, while also providing tips to citizens on how to protect their identity.

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