Courier is a mobile news reader with enhanced security features, offline reading and device-to-device sharing capability. We’ve designed it to be fast and light on slow networks and secured from device and network monitoring. FEATURES: ★ SECURE: Courier works with Orbot, Tor for Android ( to defend against network surveillance and protect your privacy ★ ENCRYPTED: Courier encrypts your stored news - and personal information - to protect your privacy ★ PANIC: Courier's configurable "panic" action will remove your news, your personal data and optionally the app itself with one swipe ★ SAFE: Courier securely caches your password with a configurable timeout. You can configure for repeated password entry failures to trigger data (and app!) deletion. And you can set a special "kill password". ★ AUTOMATIC: Courier quietly synchronizes your feeds in the background (manual mode available, too!) ★ CONTENT SHARE: secure, off-network, sharing of news articles with other users of Courier via Bluetooth (unsecure share available, too!) ★ PEER-TO-PEER APP SHARING: Get your friends set up with Courier by sharing the app over a common WiFi network or hotspot. ★ LIGHTWEIGHT: configure Courier to minimize network data use on low-speed networks or sync only on wi-fi ★ FAVORITES: mark articles as easily-retrieved favorites ★ PRE-CONFIGURED: Courier ships with desirable international news feeds, and it's easy to add your own

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