What this app does: With the airTEXT tool, users have access to free air pollution, UV, pollen, and temperature forecasts for Greater London and Slough. airTEXT provides forecasts for air quality (air pollution), UV, grass pollen and maximum and minimum temperatures for Greater London and Slough. The information is given for each Borough. Forecasts are provided for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Who it's for: For those in the Greater London and Slough area wanting to receive updates on pollen and air pollution levels in order to protect themselves from the potential adverse effects of these factors on their health. Why we love it: This easy to use app reports data on the levels of pollen and pollution in the air. Access to this information can help people to protect their health and allow them make informed choices in terms of what parts of the city they travel to, as well as the method they use to get from one place to another. Geographic areas it serves: Greater London and Slough What people are saying about it: Areas of expertise: Easy to use and a great tool for informing oneself on environmental factors that may effect one's health. Languages: English

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