United Nations Foundation

What this app does: The United Nations Foundation App connects you with the United Nations through your mobile device. With this app you can discover and join conversations on the global issues that you are most passionate about! Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and find out how YOU can help end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change. This app features: Talk to others about how you can help, and share stories about your experiences with these issues. Plus, read news, blog posts, and announcements about these topics -- right in each chat room and all for free. Join a chat room based on: -Poverty -Hunger -Good Health -Quality Education -Gender Equality -Clean Water and Sanitation -Affordable and Clean Energy -Economic Growth -Innovation -Inequality -Sustainability -Responsible Consumption -Climate -Life Under Water -Life On Land -Peace -Making These Goals Happen Who it's for: Everyone Why we love it: This tool provides an easy way for users to have discussions about global issues, inspiring individuals to get involved. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere What people are saying about it: Areas of expertise: Easy to use, globally relevant Languages: English

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